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beech (def 2).
Contemporary Examples

Presumably we will not find them in the beechwood Mansion or the Louis Comfort Tiffany studio.
The Forgotten American Woman Kate Betts May 4, 2010

Historical Examples

I went to bed and had hot brandy and water, and read The Boys of beechwood.
The Forsyte Saga, Volume III. John Galsworthy

Say, we were chumps that we didn’t telephone ahead from beechwood!
The Rover Boys in the Air Edward Stratemeyer

It led to the village of beechwood, which was several miles beyond.
The Rover Boys in the Air Edward Stratemeyer

And so once more I can trust my dream self back in beechwood with you.
The Best Short Stories of 1915 Various

Yet my heart sighed with delight at the discovery that, as the dove flies, we should be a full five miles nearer to beechwood.
Memoirs of a Midget Walter de la Mare

One of the curious methods of land division was in the beechwood district.
The Old Coast Road Agnes Rothery

Worth’s courage carried her successfully through the ordeal of arriving at beechwood and meeting Mrs. Kirby.
Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1905 to 1906 Lucy Maud Montgomery

There was no one else at the camp in beechwood Forest at this moment.
The Girl Scouts in Beechwood Forest Margaret Vandercook

At present the game is played in Belgium with a strangely-shaped lofting-iron and a ball of beechwood.
Devil Stories Various


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