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Beef road

(Austral) a road used for transporting cattle


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  • Beefsteak

    a cut of beef for broiling, pan-frying, etc. Historical Examples Mr. Tuxbury would have helped the guests to beefsteak, and the rest of the family would have preferred the warmed-up veal stew. Jane Field Mary E. Wilkins Freeman I guessed everything I could think of, from cookies to beefsteak, and gave up. Eben Holden Irving […]

  • Beefsteak begonia

    an ornamental plant, Begonia erythrophylla, having light-pink flowers and nearly round, thick, fleshy leaves that are red on the underside.

  • Beefsteak mushroom

    an edible bracket fungus, Fistulina hepatica, that grows on trees and can rot the heartwood of living oaks and chestnuts. Historical Examples On the way back, Mrs. Vernon showed the scouts the earmarks of the beefsteak mushroom. Girl Scouts in the Adirondacks Lillian Elizabeth Roy To his great joy, Pike recognized it at once as […]

  • Beefsteak tomato

    any of several tomato plant varieties bearing fruit of large size with especially meaty flesh. the fruit of such a plant.

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