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of or like beef.
brawny; thickset; heavy.
Contemporary Examples

He was a beefy figure who never quite lost his German accent despite living all his adult life in the United States.
The Noble General John Barry July 23, 2011

And if the broth were not a rich, beefy sauce but instead a light and delicate vegetable broth?
What to Eat: Spring Comfort Foods Cookstr.com April 26, 2010

He wears large turbans, sports a long and bushy gray beard, is some six-feet three inches tall and weighs a beefy 250 pounds.
Afghan Elections: The Warlords Are Back Ron Moreau, Sami Yousafzai October 15, 2013

Never mind the fact that he was 45 pounds underweight when he auditioned to play the beefy lead.
Spartacus Hero Liam McIntyre’s Unlikely Rise into the Role Adam Auriemma January 26, 2012

The beefy general wrestled with her to push her away from his car.
Cambodia’s Fearless Heroine Gail Sheehy June 26, 2009

Historical Examples

He was tall and fat with a beefy red face and large open pores and a fleshy mound of a nose.
Exile from Space Judith Merril

The trader thwacked his beefy hand down on Lennon’s shoulder.
Bloom of Cactus Robert Ames Bennet

A moment later the beefy good-natured face of the Base Commander appeared.
Piper in the Woods Philip K. Dick

For the outdoor girl has large hands and large arms, both of a beefy red.
Nights in London Thomas Burke

She noted the contrast: Claybrook rather beefy and a bit too red of face; Joe, on the other hand, quite slim and taut.
Stubble George Looms

adjective beefier, beefiest
like beef
(informal) muscular; brawny
(informal) fleshy; obese

“brawny,” 1743, from beef (n.) in colloquial extended sense “human muscle” + -y (2). Related: Beefiness.


Heavy-set; strong; bulky: I tried to avoid the three beefy characters just ahead/ Reborn for a new calling, the beefy bikes came to be known as ”clunkers” (mid-1700s+ British)


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