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the rearing and breeding of honeybees; apiculture.
Contemporary Examples

So they disguise themselves in these big white suits that are something like cross between a KKK outfit and a beekeeping suit.
Mississippi Hippos, Teddy Bears, and Other Strange Beasts Scott Porch July 24, 2014

How agenda-driven reporting turned a beekeeping Florida mother of four into an object of right-wing scorn.
Occupy Wall Street: The New York Post’s Bogus Coverage Emily Atkin, Matthew DeLuca November 9, 2011

Historical Examples

beekeeping is a branch of agriculture and like other pursuits belonging to that science there are fat years and lean years.
Bee Hunting John Ready Lockard

This is probably, the neatest, cleanest and cheapest method of making a start in beekeeping.
Bee Hunting John Ready Lockard

It is time that the word “luck,” as applied to beekeeping, was discarded.
Mysteries of Bee-keeping Explained M. Quinby

She also gave short talks on beekeeping, horticulture, fruit bottling, and so on.
Our Schools in War Time—and After Arthur Davis Dean

During my early days in beekeeping, I wished for the greatest possible increase of stocks.
Mysteries of Bee-keeping Explained M. Quinby

With increased study and knowledge the whole status of the beekeeping industry is just now undergoing a rapid change.
Trees, Fruits and Flowers of Minnesota, 1916 Various

This accounts for the saying of many who have tried it, “beekeeping doesn’t pay.”
Bee Hunting John Ready Lockard


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