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Been had

been had

adverb phrase

Mistreated or cheated; outwitted: been had by the neighbors
Been bribed: senator cannot be had

see: be had


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  • Been there done that

    phrase expression by the speaker that whatever topic is under discussion has already been personally experienced

  • Been to hell and back

    been to hell and back verb phrase To have survived an ordeal or trouble: been to hell and back with the kids

  • Been to the wars

    Show signs of rough treatment or injury, as in That car of yours looks as though it’s been to the wars. This term dates from the late 1300s, when, however, it tended to be used literally. The figurative usage is more recent.

  • Beento

    noun (pl) -tos a person who has resided in Britain, esp during part of his or her education adjective of, relating to, or characteristic of such a person

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