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a short, relatively high-pitched tone produced by a horn, electronic device, or the like as a signal, summons, or warning.
one of the periodic signals sounded by a beeper.
to make or emit such a sound:
When the timer beeps, take the cake out of the oven.
to sound (a horn, warning signal, etc.):
impatient drivers beeping their horns.
to announce, warn, summon, etc., by beeping:
The doctor was beeped to call the hospital.
Contemporary Examples

With the batphone to his great pal Bibi beeping and blinking nonstop, would Romney in essence have backed Mubarak?
Arab Spring Comment Was a Romney Love Letter to the Israeli Right Wing Michael Tomasky July 27, 2012

a short high-pitched sound, esp one made by the horn of a car, bicycle, etc, or by electronic apparatus
to make or cause to make such a noise

1927, imitative of automobile horns (originally of the sound of a certain type of automobile horn among several types in use in the years after the klaxon horn was brought into use c.1910). Used as a noun and verb by 1929. Related: Beeped; beeping.


: The car gave a few hearty beeps (1920s+)
A usually high-pitched short burst of sound emitted by an electronic device on a satellite, rocket, telephone answering machine, etc: Please leave your message when you hear the beep (1950s+ Aerospace)


To sound the horn of a car (1920s+)
To notify someone by a beep that attention or action is needed: So I called the doctor and they beeped him and he called me

[1970s+; echoic]
borough president


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