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Beer parlour

(Canadian) a room in a tavern, hotel, etc in which beer is served


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  • Beer pong

    a game in which two teams take turns throwing a Ping-Pong ball across a table, aiming to get it into one of the cups of beer at the opposing team’s end of the table, forcing their opponents to drink the beer. Contemporary Examples They stopped by The Daily Beast HQ to play some beer pong—and […]

  • Beerpull

    the handle of a beer pump. the pump itself; a beer pump. Historical Examples They pined in depth of ocean shadow, gold by the beerpull, bronze by maraschino, thoughtful all two. Ulysses James Joyce

  • Beer pump

    a pump for drawing beer directly from a keg or cask. Historical Examples If it isn’t the beer pump half the time I am very much mistaken. The Awful Australian Valerie Desmond

  • Beer run

    beer run noun phrase A venturing out to buy beer: a proud holder of three drunk-driving convictions, really had to go on a beer run (1990s+) Historical Examples Why will not beer run out of the tap of a cask until a spile has been driven in at the top? The Reason Why Anonymous Hastings […]

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