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wax1 (def 1).
to rub or treat with beeswax.
Contemporary Examples

Odysseus ordered his men to stuff their ears with beeswax as they rowed by.
War Nostalgia Is Leading Veterans to Places Like Syria. One Went Missing There. Elliot Ackerman May 2, 2014

Nicole Ankowski just earned her MFA in Creative Writing and has been published in beeswax literary journal.
Beyond Ryan Seacrest Nicole Ankowski December 27, 2008

She just earned her MFA in Creative Writing and has been published in beeswax literary journal.
What to Watch on TV This Week Nicole Ankowski November 8, 2008

You now really get the notion that what other people think of you is none of your beeswax.
The Stars Predict Your Week Starsky + Cox October 14, 2011

They introduced the lip balm, a combination of beeswax and sweet almond oil, in 1991.
Burt’s Bees Co-Founder Burt Shavitz on the Doc ‘Burt’s Buzz,’ and Losing Millions Marlow Stern September 10, 2013

Historical Examples

If he meant to show any sign of keeping his threat and of sticking to the captain like beeswax, he must show his purpose at once.
Mr. Scarborough’s Family Anthony Trollope

Besides skins, honey, and beeswax, eggs and poultry were always salable.
Plantation Sketches Margaret Devereux

After they are tied together, the place should be covered with a salve or composition of beeswax and rosin.
A Treatise on Domestic Economy Catherine Esther Beecher

This wax is made of equal parts of tallow, beeswax, and linseed oil.
Agriculture for Beginners Charles William Burkett

The bottom surface is polished smooth and then rubbed with a mixture of tallow and beeswax to make it free from friction.
The Yellowstone National Park Hiram Martin Chittenden


a yellowish or dark brown wax secreted by honeybees for constructing honeycombs
this wax after refining, purifying, etc, used in polishes, ointments, and for modelling

(transitive) to polish with such wax

1670s, from genitive of bee + wax. As a jocular alteration of business (usually in an injunction to someone to mind his own) attested from 1934 in Lower East Side slang as reproduced in Henry Roth’s “Call It Sleep.”


Business; concern: If they did, that’s theirown beeswax (1940s+)


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