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having heavy projecting eyebrows.
scowling or sullen.
Historical Examples

This pale, beetle-browed lady ought to have enjoined those to be timid who know how.
Catholic World, Vol. XI, April 1870-September 1870 Various

You’re primitive and beetle-browed, but you’ve got what it takes.
The Sky Trap Frank Belknap Long

And of all other women lean, hollow-eyed, old, beetle-browed women (saith he) are the most infectious.
The Superstitions of Witchcraft Howard Williams

“Or all three,” put in the beetle-browed man who was working next to Zorzi.
Marietta F. Marion Crawford

The rumbustious ogre has a hitherto undescribed, but quite imaginable, gap-toothed, beetle-browed ogress of a wife.
Jaffery William J. Locke

Late that afternoon a beetle-browed and forbidding-looking individual entered Brown’s office.
Shadow, the Mysterious Detective Police Captain Howard

Another was a black-bearded, beetle-browed, hang-dog looking rascal.
The Pacha of Many Tales Frederick Marryat

A beetle-browed, untidy individual was sitting just within the entrance to the cabaret, warming his toes at a charcoal brazier.
With Wellington in Spain F. S. Brereton

He was just the proper foil for Danilo’s thick-haired, beetle-browed, red-lipped personality.
The Blood Red Dawn Charles Caldwell Dobie

We have often wondered how one university could possibly corner the entire supply of treacherous and beetle-browed humanity.
Pieces of Hate Heywood Broun

having bushy or overhanging eyebrows
sullen in appearance; scowling


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  • Beetle drive

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  • Beetlehead

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  • Beetle-headed

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