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Historical Examples

Would you have believed that I was bribed, my prince, had it not chanced that you had heard of the sword from me beforetime?
King Olaf’s Kinsman Charles Whistler

He now takes his place in the Council, beforetime denied him.
Pioneers of the Old South Mary Johnston

We surmised that he found encouragement in this house, and had beforetime listened to thy childish and unreasoning folly.
A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia Amanda Minnie Douglas

beforetime, to serve the king was to serve the Clan of the Priests, from which he had been chosen, and whose head he constituted.
The Lost Continent C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne

It was said beforetime that if a sword be the death of five score of men, it comes to be possessed of a lust for slaying.
The Thirsty Sword Robert Leighton

The words now and beforetime denote too long an interval to allow room for such a supposition.
The Bible: what it is Charles Bradlaugh

There I believe thy mind maybe made whole again, and that it may be with thee as it was beforetime.
The Story of the Champions of the Round Table Howard Pyle

One or two friends whose professions had beforetime been profuse, Eleanor met.
The History Of The Last Trial By Jury For Atheism In England George Jacob Holyoake

I knew that where beforetime he was wont to have forty great sails, at the least, in his ports, now he hath not past six or seven.
Raleigh Edmund Gosse

Sir Richard Granville’s mizzen-mast, which had beforetime been sorely hacked and splintered, fell with a crash.
The Golden Galleon Robert Leighton

(archaic) formerly


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