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a person or thing that begins.
a person who has begun a course of instruction or is learning the fundamentals:
swimming for beginners.
a person who is inexperienced; novice.
Contemporary Examples

When she started practicing, we had her on a 15- or 20-pound bow, which is pretty heavy for a beginner.
‘Catching Fire’: How Jennifer Lawrence Learned to Shoot a Bow and Arrow Kevin Fallon November 25, 2013

And the whole project looked to be that of a beginner over-reaching.
Kanye West’s Paris Flop Robin Givhan October 1, 2011

“We might have to wait and do further lessons after the election,” Pell says lightheartedly, himself a beginner.
Figure Skater Michelle Kwan Chases Gold in Rhode Island’s Gubernatorial Race Nicholas McCarvel April 16, 2014

Historical Examples

Although only a beginner, he was already recognized as an artist of great talent.
Lucretia Borgia Ferdinand Gregorovius

A beginner should have his saddle set well back on the spring.
Harper’s Young People, June 22, 1880 Various

Because it is more musical and harmonious in sound, and makes the structure of Latin verse clear even to the beginner.
Latin Pronunciation Harry Thurston Peck

For the beginner it is not safe to make a hull less than 1/2 inch in thickness.
Boys’ Book of Model Boats Raymond Francis Yates

I was a mere bungler, a beginner beside her; she even sang a charming little chanson.
Esther Rosa Nouchette Carey

This is one of our most abundant mushrooms, and the easiest for the beginner to identify.
The Mushroom, Edible and Otherwise M. E. Hard

Pretty well, I think, for a beginner, remarked Mr. Bolter complacently.
Oliver Twist, Vol. III (of 3) Charles Dickens

a person who has just started to do or learn something; novice

early 14c., “founder,” agent noun from begin. Meaning “novice” is from late 15c. Beginner’s luck is from 1897.


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