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to gird about; encompass; surround.
Historical Examples

Horse-Shoe Robinson John Pendleton Kennedy
Uncle Silas J. S. LeFanu
The Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains Charles Egbert Craddock
Trans-Himalaya, Vol. 1 (of 2) Sven Hedin
The Christmas Miracle Charles Egbert Craddock (AKA Mary Noailles Murfree)
The Ontario Readers: The High School Reader, 1886 Ministry of Education
Hansford: A Tale of Bacon’s Rebellion St. George Tucker
Reminiscences of a Rebel Wayland Fuller Dunaway
The Letters of Cassiodorus Cassiodorus (AKA Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus Senator)
La Sorcire: The Witch of the Middle Ages Jules Michelet

verb (transitive) (poetic) -girds, -girding, -girt, -girded
to surround; gird around
to bind


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