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(used as a euphemism for by God):
It’s a fine day, begorra.
Historical Examples

Thin, begorra, yez may as well get off the car an’ fire away at wanst.
Sporting Society, Vol. I (of 2) Various

begorra, you’re wilcome to no more watermillons, ye’ll find!
The Universal Reciter Various

The man for whose benefit the narrative was told smoked his pipe stolidly, and answered, ‘begorra, but it must be cold up there!’
The Making Of A Novelist David Christie Murray

Whin we get the Bill every man can take a shpade, an’ begorra!
Ireland as It Is Robert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)

An’ we’ll do our duty av we nivver do anything ilse, begorra!
Frank Merriwell’s Bravery Burt L. Standish

begorra, your honour, it’s a good dhrink ye’ll have to give me for this day’s work.’
Lord Kilgobbin Charles Lever

Some one was washing my face, and saying: “And begorra, it is far from being finished you are, me good man.”
The Flying Bo’sun Arthur Mason

“begorra, I’m willn’,” cried Kerry, grasping at the mediation.
The O’Donoghue Charles James Lever

Ach, begorra, I dunno except for the same raisin that a fish hasn’t no horns!
From the Bottom Up Alexander Irvine

That’s my way of looking at it, so, begorra, eight guns equal eighty.
Young Glory and the Spanish Cruiser Walter Fenton Mott

an emphatic exclamation, regarded as a characteristic utterance of Irish people

1839, antiquated Anglo-Irish form of expletive By God.


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