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to envy or resent the pleasure or good fortune of (someone):
She begrudged her friend the award.
to be reluctant to give, grant, or allow:
She did not begrudge the money spent on her children’s education.
Contemporary Examples

Abortion-rights advocates by no means seek to detract from LGBT movement or begrudge it victories.
Why Does Spain Love Gay Marriage But Hate Abortion? Emily Shire March 6, 2014

We would not begrudge Disney or anybody else who had a creative take on Lost to come along and continue their story of the show.
Lost, for the Last Time, Part 2 Jace Lacob January 31, 2010

In short: Who am I to begrudge the good people of Nazareth a world-class institution?
Rick Perry To Announce Texas A&M Campus in Nazareth Emily L. Hauser October 21, 2013

No one seems to begrudge Apple executives making millions, yet those rewards at the top are just as disproportionate.
More Mania in the Markets Zachary Karabell October 27, 2011

The people with whom I spent 18 hours in The Villages last week, waiting for Palin, would not begrudge her the luxury jet.
Palin’s Bus Hoax Joe McGinniss November 28, 2009

Historical Examples

Still we do not begrudge them such justification as may flow out that passing facts.
Witchcraft of New England Explained by Modern Spiritualism Allen Putnam

We must not envy him on account of them, nor begrudge them to him, nor wish that we had them in his stead.
An Explanation of Luther’s Small Catechism Joseph Stump

I would not begrudge you, Denis, and you leaving praises after you.
Seven Short Plays Lady Gregory

Ah, why begrudge the marquis his meed of admiration, if he likes it?
The Rose of Old St. Louis Mary Dillon

No one could ever begrudge him his good luck, now that he had shown such a fair spirit.
Storm-Bound Alan Douglas

verb (transitive)
to give, admit, or allow unwillingly or with a bad grace
to envy (someone) the possession of (something)

mid-14c., from be- + Middle English grucchen “to murmur” (see grudge). Related: Begrudged; begrudging; begrudgingly.


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