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Behavioural contagion

the spread of a particular type of behaviour, such as crying, through a crowd or group of people


Read Also:

  • Behavioural science

    noun the application of scientific methods to the study of the behaviour of organisms

  • Behaviourism

    noun a school of psychology that regards the objective observation of the behaviour of organisms (usually by means of automatic recording devices) as the only proper subject for study and that often refuses to postulate any intervening mechanisms between the stimulus and the response the doctrine that the mind has no separate existence but that […]

  • Behavioural sink

    noun (psychol) a small area in which people or animals live in overcrowded conditions

  • Behaviours

    behavior. manner of behaving or acting. Psychology, Animal Behavior. observable activity in a human or animal. the aggregate of responses to internal and external stimuli. a stereotyped, species-specific activity, as a courtship dance or startle reflex. Often, behaviors. a behavior pattern. the action or reaction of any material under given circumstances: the behavior of tin […]

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