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Behind the scenes

happening or conducted out of view of the general public:
The behind-the-scenes preparations made the convention a huge success.
held or kept privately by or among a few key or influential persons:
behind-the-scenes negotiations.
occurring backstage:
the behind-the-scenes activities of the stage crew.
the place where some action or event occurs:
He returned to the scene of the murder.
any view or picture.
an incident or situation in real life.
an embarrassing outbreak or display of anger, strong feeling, or bad manners:
Please don’t make a scene in such a public place.
a division of a play or of an act of a play, usually representing what passes between certain of the actors in one place.
a unit of action or a segment of a story in a play, motion picture, or television show.
the place in which the action of a play or part of a play is supposed to occur.
scenery (def 2).

an episode, situation, or the like, as in a narrative.
the setting or locale of a story.

the stage, especially of an ancient Greek or Roman theater.
an area or sphere of activity, current interest, etc.:
the rock music scene; the fashion scene.
behind the scenes, in secret or in private.
make the scene, Slang. to appear in a particular place or engage in a particular activity:
Let’s make the scene downtown tonight. She was never one to make the drug scene.
the place where an action or event, real or imaginary, occurs
the setting for the action of a play, novel, etc
an incident or situation, real or imaginary, esp as described or represented

a subdivision of an act of a play, in which the time is continuous and the setting fixed
a single event, esp a significant one, in a play

(films) a shot or series of shots that constitutes a unit of the action
the backcloths, stage setting, etc, for a play or film set; scenery
the prospect of a place, landscape, etc
a display of emotion, esp an embarrassing one to the onlookers
(informal) the environment for a specific activity: the fashion scene
(informal) interest or chosen occupation: classical music is not my scene
(rare) the stage, esp of a theatre in ancient Greece or Rome
behind the scenes, out of public view; privately

The setting or milieu of a specific activity or group; specialized venue: the rock ”scene”/ It is really quite difficult to understand their scene
One’s particular preference, activity, etc; bag, thing: I mean that’s not my own scene or anything (1960s+ Counterculture)

In secret or private, away from public view, as in His struggle for the top position took place strictly behind the scenes. This term alludes to the various activities that go on behind the curtain in theaters, out of the audience’s view. [ Late 1700s ]
Also see: behind closed doors

behind the scenes
make a scene
make the scene
on the scene
set the scene for


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