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Being as how

the fact of existing; existence (as opposed to nonexistence).
conscious, mortal existence; life:
Our being is as an instantaneous flash of light in the midst of eternal night.
substance or nature:
of such a being as to arouse fear.
something that exists:
inanimate beings.
a living thing:
strange, exotic beings that live in the depths of the sea.
a human being; person:
the most beautiful being you could imagine.
(initial capital letter) God.

that which has actuality either materially or in idea.
absolute existence in a complete or perfect state, lacking no essential characteristic; essence.

Nonstandard. since; because; considering that (often followed by as, as how, or that):
Being it’s midnight, let’s go home. Being as how you cooked supper, I’ll do the dishes.
the state or fact of existing; existence
essential nature; self: she put her whole being into the part
something that exists or is thought to exist, esp something that cannot be assigned to any category: a being from outer space
a person; human being
(in the philosophy of Aristotle) actuality Compare becoming (sense 3)

for the moment (time being)
other things being equal


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