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(used as a mild oath expressing dismay, anger, or the like).
Informal. dickens; devil; deuce:
The conglomerate plans to take that tiny company and expand the bejesus out of it.
Contemporary Examples

Biting, scratching, beating the bejesus out of one another, bounty hunting.
The NFL’s Hypocritical Outrage Against Bonuses for Injuring Players Buzz Bissinger March 4, 2012

If we did this, we’d be able to tax the bejesus out of everyone doing business here, wherever they happened to be headquartered.
Congress to Grill Apple CEO About Taxes Megan McArdle May 20, 2013

The goal should not be to terrify the bejesus out of the public, lest they scrunch their noses and give up.
Great Weekend Reads The Daily Beast February 11, 2011

Russia continues to drink itself into a stupor, but still the scares the bejesus out of everyone.
Who Stole the Thriller? Alexander Nazaryan March 21, 2010

Forrest Gump was about as crimson as they come, and America loved the bejesus out of him.
Let Us Now Praise Famous Rednecks and Their Unjustly Unsung Kin Allison Glock August 22, 2014

an exclamation of surprise, emphasis, etc, regarded as a characteristic utterance of Irish people
the bejesus, (intensifier) used in such phrases as beat the bejesus out of, scare the bejesus out of, etc

mild expletive, 1908, perhaps from by Jesus. To beat the bejesus out of someone is from 1934.


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