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Belaying pin

a short, round bar of metal or wood, inserted in a fife rail or pin rail, to which a rope is belayed.
Historical Examples

If they had shirked it, the redoubtable “Bully” would have made attendance compulsory with a belaying pin.
A Memory Of The Southern Seas Louis Becke

I sent a belaying pin after him, and it hit him on the shoulder; but I doubt that it hurt him.
The Grain Ship Morgan Robertson

I handed it toward him, and he held up a belaying pin, asking me to thrust it on the point.
The Voodoo Gold Trail Walter Walden

If a halyard got loose from its belaying pin that night it was not seen again.
Geoffrey Hampstead Thomas Stinson Jarvis

“We must give it up,” observed Captain Wilson, holding on by the belaying pin.
Mr. Midshipman Easy Captain Frederick Marryat

And just then Trant got in the way of the belaying pin again, and this time he did not seem to want to get up.
The Sea Bride Ben Ames Williams

He got no further, for raising his belaying pin, Vincent brought it down on the mutineer’s head.
At the Fall of Port Arthur Edward Stratemeyer

I’ve seen him knock a fellow down with a belaying pin, and couldn’t lend a hand.
Jo’s Boys Louisa May Alcott

Then each provided himself with a belaying pin, and all three of the party stole to the deck.
At the Fall of Port Arthur Edward Stratemeyer

When he found out what they had to tell he started for the forecastle, grabbing a belaying pin on his way.
The Frontier Boys in the Sierras Wyn Roosevelt

(nautical) a cylindrical, sometimes tapered pin, usually of metal or wood, that fits into a hole in a pin or fife rail: used for belaying


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