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to eject gas spasmodically and noisily from the stomach through the mouth; eruct.
to emit contents violently, as a gun, geyser, or volcano.
to issue spasmodically; gush forth:
Fire and smoke belched from the dragon’s mouth.
to eject (gas or the like) spasmodically or violently; give forth:
a chimney belching smoke.
an instance of belching; eructation.
a violent emittance of flame, smoke, gas, etc.
Historical Examples

The Heart of Unaga Ridgwell Cullum
Land of the Burnt Thigh Edith Eudora Kohl
The White Man’s Foot Grant Allen
The Boy Volunteers with the Submarine Fleet Kenneth Ward
From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917 Philip Gibbs
The U-boat hunters James B. Connolly
The Adventures of Piang the Moro Jungle Boy Florence Partello Stuart
The Heart of Unaga Ridgwell Cullum
Flash-lights from the Seven Seas William L. Stidger
Under the Rebel’s Reign Charles Neufeld

(usually intransitive) to expel wind from the stomach noisily through the mouth; eructate
to expel or be expelled forcefully from inside: smoke belching from factory chimneys
to say (curses, insults, etc) violently or bitterly
an act of belching; eructation

A complaint; beef (1900+)
A beer, esp of poor quality

: All she did was belch about how bad he treats her
To inform; squeal: I feel good that I didn’t belch on my friend (1900+ Underworld)


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