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a native or an inhabitant of Belgium.
one of a breed of large, strong draft horses, raised originally in Belgium.
of or relating to Belgium.
Contemporary Examples

Family Secrets in Tehran Azar Nafisi January 9, 2009
Marc Jacobs May Bid Adieu to Louis Vuitton; Elle Man Launches in France The Fashion Beast Team September 29, 2013
Inside Libya’s Rebel Movement Babak Dehghanpisheh March 3, 2011
Burundi’s Black Market Skull Trade Margot Kiser January 25, 2014
Pippa Middleton Joins Big Fat Belgian Hunt Tom Sykes January 14, 2013

Historical Examples

Handbook of Embroidery L. Higgin
Hortense, Makers of History Series John S. C. Abbott
Mrs. Warren’s Daughter Sir Harry Johnston
The Better Germany in War Time Harold Picton
The Messenger Elizabeth Robins

a native, citizen, or inhabitant of Belgium See also Fleming1 , Walloon
of, relating to, or characteristic of Belgium or the Belgians
of or relating to the Walloon French or the Flemish languages


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    a former name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Historical Examples Darkwater W. E. B. Du Bois Seven Legs Across the Seas Samuel Murray Dave Dawson with the Commandos R. Sidney Bowen The Rise of Rail-Power in War and Conquest, 1833-1914 Edwin A. Pratt noun a former name (1908–60) of Congo (sense 1)

  • Belgian east africa

    a former Belgian trust territory in Africa, also (1924–62) Ruanda-Urundi, now the independent countries of Rwanda and Burundi.

  • Belgian endive

    endive (def 2).

  • Belgian griffon

    one of a variety of the Brussels griffon having a black or reddish-brown and black coat.

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