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Theology. the spirit of evil personified; the devil; Satan.
(in Milton’s Paradise Lost) one of the fallen angels.
Historical Examples

St. Winifred’s Frederic W. Farrar
The Manxman Hall Caine
Essays on Various Subjects Hannah More
The Belovd Vagabond William J. Locke
Historic Doubts Relative To Napoleon Buonaparte Richard Whately
The Lady of Lynn Walter Besant
The House of Walderne A. D. Crake
The Expositor’s Bible: The Psalms, Vol. 2 Alexander Maclaren
The Bible, Douay-Rheims Version Various
A Christian Directory (Part 2 of 4) Richard Baxter

a demon mentioned frequently in apocalyptic literature: identified in the Christian tradition with the devil or Satan
(in the Old Testament and rabbinical literature) worthlessness or wickedness


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