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Bell purchase

a tackle consisting of two standing single blocks, two running single blocks, a fall, and a runner, so arranged that it gives a mechanical advantage of six, neglecting friction.


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  • Bell push

    a button, as on the front door of a house, that rings a bell when pushed. Historical Examples Scientific American Supplement, No. 595, May 28, 1887 Various noun a button pressed to operate an electric bell

  • Bell seat

    (on some 18th-century chairs) a seat having an outline resembling that of a bell.

  • Bell toad

    tailed frog. a frog, Ascaphus truei, of the northwestern U.S. and adjacent Canada, the male of which has its cloaca modified into a taillike copulatory organ.

  • Bellwether

    a wether or other male sheep that leads the flock, usually bearing a bell. a person or thing that assumes the leadership or forefront, as of a profession or industry: Paris is a bellwether of the fashion industry. a person or thing that shows the existence or direction of a trend; index. a person who […]

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