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a city in E Washington.
a town in E Nebraska.
a city in SW Pennsylvania.
Contemporary Examples

‘Celebrity Rehab’ Counselor: Mindy McCready Won’t Be the Last Maer Roshan February 25, 2013
The Girl Who Wrote About Drugs: Cat Marnell on Vice, Addiction & More Caitlin Dickson July 11, 2012
Why Pedro Hernandez Confessed to Killing Etan Patz Michael Daly May 31, 2012
Is Pedro Hernandez, the Suspect in the Etan Patz Case, Mentally Ill? Michael Daly June 11, 2012
It’s All About You! Dana Vachon September 23, 2009

Historical Examples

The Nebuly Coat John Meade Falkner
The Rock of Chickamauga Joseph A. Altsheler
The Voice on the Wire Eustace Hale Ball
The Rock of Chickamauga Joseph A. Altsheler
Travels in the Interior of North America, 1832-1834, Part III (the Text Being Chapters XXVIII-XXXIII of the London Edition, 1843, and the Appendix a Combination of the Appendices of the London and German [Coblentz, 1839] Editions) Maximilian, Prinz von Wied


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