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Gentile [jen-tee-le] /dʒɛnˈti lɛ/ (Show IPA), 1427?–1507, Venetian painter (son of Jacopo): teacher of Giorgione and Titian.
Giovanni [jaw-vahn-nee] /dʒɔˈvɑn ni/ (Show IPA), 1430?–1516, Venetian painter (son of Jacopo).
Jacopo [jah-kaw-paw] /ˈdʒɑ kɔ pɔ/ (Show IPA), 1400?–70, Venetian painter.
Vincenzo [veen-chen-dzaw] /vinˈtʃɛn dzɔ/ (Show IPA), 1801?–35, Italian composer of opera.
(lowercase) a cocktail made with sparkling wine and peach purée.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

Modern Painters Vol. III. John Ruskin
Albert Durer T. Sturge Moore
The Venetian School of Painting Evelyn March Phillipps
Old Fogy James Huneker
Venice and its Story Thomas Okey

Giovanni (dʒoˈvanni). ?1430–1516, Italian painter of the Venetian school, noted for his altarpieces, landscapes, and Madonnas. His father Jacopo (?1400–70) and his brother Gentile (?1429–1507) were also painters
Vincenzo (vinˈtʃɛntso). 1801–35, Italian composer of operas, esp La Sonnambula (1831) and Norma (1831)


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