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a device for producing a strong current of air, consisting of a chamber that can be expanded to draw in air through a valve and contracted to expel it through a tube.
anything resembling or suggesting bellows in form, as the collapsible part of a camera or enlarger.
the lungs.
George Wesley, 1882–1925, U.S. painter and lithographer.
to emit a hollow, loud, animal cry, as a bull or cow.
to roar; bawl:
bellowing with rage.
to utter in a loud deep voice:
He bellowed his command across the room.
an act or sound of bellowing.
Contemporary Examples

Pro-Pot, Pro-Gay, Anti-NSA… and Running for Senate David Freedlander April 3, 2014
Treasury’s $2 Trillion Man David A. Graham August 7, 2011
Pro-Pot, Pro-Gay, Anti-NSA… and Running for Senate David Freedlander April 3, 2014
God and Ponzi Max Blumenthal February 18, 2009
Rush Limbaugh’s TV Nemesis Howard Kurtz December 19, 2010

Historical Examples

Microscopes and Accessory Apparatus Ernst Leitz
Ranald Bannerman’s Boyhood George MacDonald
In The Days of Giants Abbie Farwell Brown
The Cook and Housekeeper’s Complete and Universal Dictionary; Including a System of Modern Cookery, in all Its Various Branches, Mary Eaton
The Blue Pavilions Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

noun (functioning as singular or pl)
Also called pair of bellows. an instrument consisting of an air chamber with flexible sides or end, a means of compressing it, an inlet valve, and a constricted outlet that is used to create a stream of air, as for producing a draught for a fire or for sounding organ pipes
(photog) a telescopic light-tight sleeve, connecting the lens system of some cameras to the body of the instrument
a flexible corrugated element used as an expansion joint, pump, or means of transmitting axial motion
(intransitive) to make a loud deep raucous cry like that of a bull; roar
to shout (something) unrestrainedly, as in anger or pain; bawl
the characteristic noise of a bull
a loud deep sound, as of pain or anger
Saul. 1915–2005, US novelist, born in Canada. His works include Dangling Man (1944), The Adventures of Angie March (1954), Herzog (1964), Humboldt’s Gift (1975), The Dean’s December (1981), and Ravelstein (2000): Nobel prize for literature 1976


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