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the front or under part of a vertebrate body from the breastbone to the pelvis, containing the abdominal viscera; the abdomen.
the stomach with its adjuncts.
appetite or capacity for food; gluttony.
the womb.
the inside or interior of anything:
the belly of a ship.
a protuberant or bulging surface of anything:
the belly of a flask.
Anatomy. the fleshy part of a muscle.
the front, inner, or under surface or part, as distinguished from the back.
the front surface of a violin or similar instrument.
a bulge on a vertical surface of fresh concrete.
the underpart of the fuselage of an airplane.
to fill out; swell:
Wind bellied the sails.
to swell out:
Sails bellying in the wind.
to crawl on one’s belly:
soldiers bellying through a rice paddy.
belly up, Informal.

to approach closely, especially until one is in physical contact:
to belly up to a bar.
to curry favor from:
Would you have gotten the promotion if you hadn’t bellied up to the boss?

go / turn belly up, Informal. to come to an end; die; fail:
After years of barely surviving on donations, the neighborhood social club finally went belly up.
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noun (pl) -lies
the lower or front part of the body of a vertebrate, containing the intestines and other abdominal organs; abdomen related adjective ventral
the stomach, esp when regarded as the seat of gluttony
a part, line, or structure that bulges deeply: the belly of a sail
the inside or interior cavity of something: the belly of a ship
the front or inner part or underside of something
the surface of a stringed musical instrument over which the strings are stretched
the thick central part of certain muscles
(Austral & NZ) the wool from a sheep’s belly
(tanning) the portion of a hide or skin on the underpart of an animal
(archery) the surface of the bow next to the bowstring
(archaic) the womb
(informal) go belly up, to die, fail, or come to an end
verb -lies, -lying, -lied
to swell out or cause to swell out; bulge

see: go belly up


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