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to be in the relation of a member, adherent, inhabitant, etc. (usually followed by to):
He belongs to the Knights of Columbus.
to have the proper qualifications, especially social qualifications, to be a member of a group:
You don’t belong in this club.
to be proper or due; be properly or appropriately placed, situated, etc.:
Books belong in every home. This belongs on the shelf. He is a statesman who belongs among the great.
belong to,

to be the property of:
The book belongs to her.
to be a part or adjunct of:
That cover belongs to this jar.

Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

The Colors of Space Marion Zimmer Bradley
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The Nursery, January 1873, Vol. XIII. Various
Still Jim Honor Willsie Morrow
The Emperor, Complete Georg Ebers

verb (intransitive)
(foll by to) to be the property or possession (of)
(foll by to) to be bound to (a person, place, or club) by ties of affection, dependence, allegiance, or membership
foll by to, under, with, etc. to be classified (with): this plant belongs to the daisy family
(foll by to) to be a part or adjunct (of): this top belongs to the smaller box
to have a proper or usual place: that plate belongs in the cupboard
(informal) to be suitable or acceptable, esp socially: although they were rich, they just didn’t belong
see: to the victor belong the spoils


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