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in or toward a lower place:
Look out below!
on, in, or toward a lower level, as a lower deck of a ship:
The captain of the ship went below.
beneath the surface of the water:
Divers were sent below to view the wreck.
on earth:
the fate of creatures here below.
in hell or the infernal regions.
at a later point on a page or in a text:
See the illustration below.
Compare above (def 5).
in a lower rank or grade:
He was demoted to the class below.
under zero on the temperature scale:
The temperature in Buffalo was ten below this morning.
Theater. downstage.
Compare above (def 8).
Zoology. on the lower or ventral side.
lower down than:
below the knee.
lower in rank, degree, amount, rate, etc., than:
below cost; below freezing.
too low or undignified to be worthy of; beneath:
He considered such an action below his notice.
Theater. downstage of:
There are two chairs below the table.
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Historical Examples

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at or to a position lower than; under
less than in quantity or degree
south of
downstream of
unworthy of; beneath
at or to a lower position or place
at a later place (in something written): see below
(archaic) beneath heaven; on earth or in hell


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