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another name for cordon (sense 4)


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  • Belted

    having or made with a belt: a belted dress. wearing or girded with a belt, especially as a mark of distinction: the belted lords and emissaries. marked with a band of color different from that of the rest of the body: a belted cow. a band of flexible material, as leather or cord, for encircling […]

  • Belted kingfisher

    a grayish-blue, North American kingfisher, Ceryle alcyon, having a white breast marked with a grayish-blue band. Historical Examples Poachers and Poaching John Watson Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various The Spring of the Year Dallas Lore Sharp Endurance Test Alan Douglas Some Spring Days in Iowa Frederick John Lazell St. Nicholas, […]

  • Belted sandfish

    a sea bass, Serranus subligarius, inhabiting warm, shallow waters of the western Atlantic Ocean.

  • Belted tire

    See under belt (def 11). a band of flexible material, as leather or cord, for encircling the waist. any encircling or transverse band, strip, or stripe. an elongated region having distinctive properties or characteristics: a belt of cotton plantations. Machinery. an endless flexible band passing about two or more pulleys, used to transmit motion from […]

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