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to express distress or grief over; lament:
to bemoan one’s fate.
to regard with regret or disapproval.
Contemporary Examples

They bemoan the fact that poker games are too often delayed because people get up to take smoke breaks.
11 Worst Songs of the Summer of All Time Kevin Fallon June 3, 2013

Not to mention the fragrant Ms. Hasselbeck bemoan the fact that we now live in the “divided states of America.”
Obama’s Televised Turn-Off Tunku Varadarajan July 28, 2010

He will then bemoan a vague “lack of political will” or “absence of leadership” as the reason for the inertia.
The GOP vs. Democracy Michael Tomasky June 23, 2011

But some bemoan the way the kids have transformed their city, and nowhere is that change more visible than The Bywater.
Yale Crusaders Invade New Orleans Nicole LaPorte August 20, 2010

I just heard Anderson Cooper bemoan the fact that he had seen no heavy earth moving equipment on the scene.
Inside Haiti’s Horror The Daily Beast January 12, 2010

Historical Examples

We will not, however, bemoan thee as if thou wast forever lost to us, or that thy name would be buried in oblivion.
The History of Minnesota and Tales of the Frontier Charles E. Flandrau

I hold it folly in him who must die that he should bemoan himself.
Myths and Legends of All Nations Various

We wanted to exult, rather than to bemoan “our manifold sins and wickedness.”
Mariposilla Mary Stewart Daggett

Opening out her bundle of dried meat, she began to eat and bemoan her fate.
The Hot Swamp R.M. Ballantyne

After such a fight, are you fool enough to bemoan a victory?
Ainslee’s, Vol. 15, No. 6, July 1905 Various

to grieve over (a loss, etc); mourn; lament (esp in the phrase bemoan one’s fate)

Old English bemænan “to bemoan, wail, lament;” see be- + moan (v.). Related: Bemoaned; bemoaning.


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