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Bench strength

Sports. the quality and number of players available to substitute during a game.
Business. the competence and number of employees ready to fill vacant leadership and other positions:
building an organization’s bench strength through management training.


Read Also:

  • Bench table

    a course of masonry forming a bench at the foot of a wall. Historical Examples Somerset G.W. Wade and J.H. Wade

  • Bench test

    bench check. a test made on an engine or other machine or device in a workshop rather than under field conditions. noun the critical evaluation of a new or repaired component, device, apparatus, etc, prior to installation to ensure that it is in perfect condition noun Usage Note

  • Bench-warmer

    a substitute who rarely gets to play in a game. Historical Examples Prowling about Panama George A. Miller n. The days for “bench-warmers” with salaries are also past. [“New York Sporting News,” Jan. 9, 1892] Old English had bencsittend “one who sits on a bench.”

  • Benchwarmer

    a substitute who rarely gets to play in a game.

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