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Benedict xi

(Niccolò Boccasini) 1240–1304, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1303–04.
Historical Examples

The Companions of Jehu Alexandre Dumas, pre


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  • Benedict xii

    (Jacques Fournier) died 1342, French ecclesiastic: pope 1334–42.

  • Benedict xiii

    (Pietro Francesco Orsini) 1649–1730, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1724–30.

  • Benedict xiv

    (Prospero Lambertini) 1675–1758, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1740–58; scholar and patron of the arts. Historical Examples The Memoires of Casanova, Complete Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

  • Benedict xv

    (Giacomo della Chiesa) 1854–1922, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 1914–22. Historical Examples The War and the Churches Joseph McCabe noun original name Giacomo della Chiesa. 1854–1922, pope (1914–22); noted for his repeated attempts to end World War I and for his organization of war relief

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