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  • Benefaction

    an act of conferring a benefit; the doing of good; a good deed: He is known throughout the region for his many benefactions. the benefit conferred; charitable donation: to solicit benefactions for earthquake victims. Historical Examples Bell’s Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of Ripon Cecil Walter Charles Hallett The Devil’s Dictionary Ambrose Bierce A Walk from […]

  • Benefactive

    of or relating to a linguistic form, case, or semantic role that denotes the person or persons for whom an action is performed, as for his son in He opened the door for his son. a benefactive form or case.

  • Benefactor

    a person who confers a benefit; kindly helper. a person who makes a bequest or endowment, as to an institution. Contemporary Examples Hizbullah’s Triumph and Agony Bruce Riedel July 22, 2011 Millions of Refugees from Syria’s War Are Clinging to Life In Toxic Conditions Christopher Looney April 13, 2014 The Things Not Asked; Tonight Michael […]

  • Benefactress

    a woman who confers a benefit, bequest, endowment, or the like. Contemporary Examples The Real Memorial Day: Oliver Wendell Holmes’s Salute To A Momentous American Anniversary Malcolm Jones May 25, 2014 Historical Examples Sister Anne (Novels of Paul de Kock, Volume X) Charles Paul de Kock Howards End E. M. Forster Woman in the Nineteenth […]

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