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having a kindly disposition; gracious:
a benign king.
showing or expressive of gentleness or kindness:
a benign smile.
favorable; propitious:
a series of benign omens and configurations in the heavens.
(of weather) salubrious; healthful; pleasant or beneficial.
Pathology. not malignant; self-limiting.
Contemporary Examples

I Tried to Warn You About Sleazy Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in 2003 Vicky Ward January 6, 2015

Historical Examples

The Rough Road William John Locke
Teddy: Her Book Anna Chapin Ray
My Friend the Chauffeur C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
Uncle William Jennette Lee
The Tragic Muse Henry James
Mrs. Tree’s Will Laura E. Richards
The Yellow Crayon E. Phillips Oppenheim
Phemie Frost’s Experiences Ann S. Stephens
The Guinea Stamp Annie S. Swan

showing kindliness; genial
(of soil, climate, etc) mild; gentle
favourable; propitious
(pathol) (of a tumour, etc) not threatening to life or health; not malignant
Not life-threatening or severe, and likely to respond to treatment, as a tumor that is not malignant. Compare malignant.
benign [(bi-neyen)]

Note: The term benign is used when describing tumors or growths that do not threaten the health of an individual.


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