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Benzedrine, especially in tablet form.
any amphetamine tablet.
Jack (Benjamin Kubelsky) 1894–1974, U.S. comedian.
a male given name, form of Benjamin.
Southern U.S., especially South Carolina, and Bahamian English. the sesame plant or its seeds.
Bennett Lester (“Benny”) 1907–2003, U.S. jazz saxophonist and composer.
Betty (Lillie Mae Jones) 1930–98, U.S. jazz singer.
Don(ald James) born 1926, U.S. bowler.
(Eleanor) Rosalynn Smith [roh-zuh-lin] /ˈroʊ zə lɪn/ (Show IPA), born 1928, U.S. First Lady 1977–81 (wife of Jimmy Carter).
Elliott (Elliott Cook Carter, Jr) 1908–2012, U.S. composer.
[hod-ing] /ˈhɒd ɪŋ/ (Show IPA), 1907–72, U.S. journalist and publisher.
Howard, 1873–1939, English Egyptologist.
James Earl, Jr (“Jimmy”) born 1924, 39th president of the U.S. 1977–81.
Mrs. Leslie (Caroline Louise Dudley) 1862–1937, U.S. actress.
[mey-bel] /ˈmeɪˌbɛl/ (Show IPA), (“Mother Maybelle Carter”) 1909–78, U.S. country-and-western singer and guitarist.
Nick, pen name of authors who wrote detective-story series in which Nick Carter, created by John R. Coryell, is the main character.
a male given name.
Benjamin David (“Benny”) 1909–86, U.S. jazz clarinetist and bandleader.
Contemporary Examples

Never Too Young, Apparently David Frum October 10, 2012
A Second Response to Benny Morris Daniel Levy April 23, 2012
Can This Man Save Detroit? Steve Miller November 3, 2013
First Step to Peace: Conquering Nakba Denial Yousef Munayyer May 2, 2012
Of Herrings and Elephants: Benny Morris and “Palestinian Rejectionism” Daniel Levy April 15, 2012

Historical Examples

…Or Your Money Back Gordon Randall Garrett
The Tale of Benny Badger Arthur Scott Bailey
The Tale of Benny Badger Arthur Scott Bailey
The Tale of Benny Badger Arthur Scott Bailey
Her Benny Silas Kitto Hocking

noun (pl) -nies
(old-fashioned, slang) an amphetamine tablet, esp benzedrine: a stimulant
noun (pl) -nies
(US, slang) a man’s overcoat
Jack, real name Benjamin Kubelsky. 1894–1974, US comedian
Angela. 1940–92, British novelist and writer; her novels include The Magic Toyshop (1967) and Nights at the Circus (1984)
Elliot (Cook). 1908–2012, US composer. His works include the Piano Sonata (1945–46), four string quartets, and other orchestral pieces: Pulitzer Prize 1960, 1973
Howard. 1873–1939, English Egyptologist: excavated the tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen
James Earl, known as Jimmy. born 1924, US Democratic statesman; 39th president of the US (1977–81); Nobel peace prize 2002
noun (archaic) (pl) -men
a husband
a man not of gentle birth: used as a title
a master of a household
Benny, full name Benjamin David Goodman. 1909–86, US jazz clarinetist and bandleader, whose treatment of popular songs created the jazz idiom known as swing
another name for sesame
benne oil, the edible oil obtained from sesame seeds
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