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Benzoic aldehyde

a colorless or yellowish, water-soluble, volatile oil, C 7 H 6 O, having a bitter, almondlike odor, used chiefly in the organic synthesis of dyes, perfumes, and flavors, and as a solvent; artificial oil of bitter almond.
Historical Examples

Coal Raphael Meldola
Scientific American Supplement, No. 620, November 19,1887 Various

a yellowish fragrant volatile oil occurring in almond kernels and used in the manufacture of dyes, perfumes, and flavourings and as a solvent for oils and resins. Formula: C6H5CHO Systematic name benzenecarbaldehyde
A colorless aromatic oil that smells like almonds. It is obtained naturally from certain nuts and plant leaves, or made synthetically. It is used in perfumes and as a solvent and flavoring. Chemical formula: C7H6O.


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