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Bering strait

a strait between Alaska and the Russian Federation in Asia, connecting the Bering Sea and the Arctic Ocean. 36 miles (58 km) wide.
Contemporary Examples

At the time, Palin was ridiculed for suggesting that one could literally see Russia across the Bering Strait.
My Russian Spy Ring Dream Team Reihan Salam June 29, 2010

Historical Examples

Whether actual intergradation (crossbreeding) ever takes place across the narrow Bering Strait I do not know.
American Weasels E. Raymond Hall

These indicated our position as being four or five miles from the Pole, towards Bering Strait.
The North Pole Robert E. Peary

On general principles they patrol the west side of Bering Strait.
A Man to His Mate J. Allan Dunn

The wounded giant fell into Bering Strait and formed a bridge across which the reindeer entered America.
The Red Man’s Continent Ellsworth Huntington

If they came across Bering Strait, they encountered a still more severe climate.
The Red Man’s Continent Ellsworth Huntington

In fact, they come very close together to-day at Bering Strait.
Nature’s Miracles, Volume 1 Elisha Gray

I came to this place from Vladivostok once by reindeer, and went north to Bering Strait the same way.
Panther Eye Roy J. Snell

The passage received the name Bering Strait from its discoverer, and the same name was bestowed upon the sea leading to it.
Wealth of the World’s Waste Places and Oceania
Jewett Castello Gilson

The white polar bear does not wander south of the sixty-fifth parallel, and is only found near Bering Strait.
The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, Volume 1 Hubert Howe Bancroft

a strait between Alaska and Russia, connecting the Bering Sea and the Arctic Ocean


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