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Berkeley internet name domain

berkeley internet name domain


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  • Berkeley logo

    berkeley logo language A Logo interpreter by Brian Harvey bh@cs.berkeley.edu. Berkeley Logo programs will run on Unix, IBM PC, or Macintosh. It doesn’t do anything fancy about graphics and only allows one turtle. Version: 4.6, as of 2000-03-21. MswLogo is a Microsoft Windows front end. (ftp://anarres.cs.berkeley.edu/pub/ucblogo). (2000-03-28)

  • Berkeley network

    berkeley network (B-NET) Top level Unix Ethernet software developed at the University of California at Berkeley. There are no formal specifications but UCB’s 4.2BSD Unix implementation on the VAX is the de facto standard. Distributed by Unisoft. Includes net.o driver routines for specific hardware, pseudo ttys, daemons, hostname command to set/get name, /etc/hosts database of […]

  • Berkeley quality software

    berkeley quality software

  • Berkeley software distribution

    berkeley software distribution operating system (BSD) A family of Unix versions developed by Bill Joy and others at the University of California at Berkeley, originally for the DEC VAX and PDP-11 computers, and subsequently ported to almost all modern general-purpose computers. BSD Unix incorporates paged virtual memory, TCP/IP networking enhancements and many other features. BSD […]

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