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Berlin blue

berlin blue


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  • Berlin wall

    a guarded concrete wall, 28 miles (45 km), with minefields and controlled checkpoints, erected across Berlin by East Germany in 1961 and dismantled in 1989. Contemporary Examples The Myth of the Wall’s Fall Peter Beinart November 7, 2009 Step Up to the Plate, China Matthew Yglesias November 15, 2009 Europe’s Continent Envy Alex Massie November […]

  • Berlin wool

    a soft woolen yarn for embroidery or knitting.

  • Berlin, irving

    berlin, irving

  • Berline

    an automobile with the front and rear compartments separated by a glass partition, as some limousines. Historical Examples The Trampling of the Lilies Rafael Sabatini The Trampling of the Lilies Rafael Sabatini Carriages & Coaches Ralph Straus The Exploits Of Brigadier Gerard Arthur Conan Doyle Farewell Honore de Balzac The Mysteries of Paris, Volume 4 […]

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