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Bermuda bag

an oval-shaped handbag with wooden handles and changeable decorative cloth covers.


Read Also:

  • Bermuda buttercup

    a bulbous plant, Oxalis pescaprae, native to southern Africa, having nodding, yellow flowers.

  • Bermuda cutter

    a marconi-rigged cutter.

  • Bermuda grass

    a creeping grass, Cynodon dactylon, of southern Europe, grown in the southern U.S. and Bermuda for lawns and pastures. noun a widely distributed grass, Cynodon dactylon, with wiry creeping rootstocks and several purplish spikes of flowers arising from a single point: used for lawns, pasturage, binding sand dunes, etc Also called scutch grass, wire grass

  • Bermuda high

    a subtropical high centered near Bermuda.

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