Bermuda onion

any of several mild, flat varieties of onion, grown in Texas and, to some extent, in other parts of the southern U.S. and in Bermuda.

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  • Bermuda palmetto

    a palm, Sabal bermudana, of Bermuda, having small, roundish, black fruit and leaves that are checkered beneath.

  • Bermuda petrel

    cahow. a rare petrel, Pterodroma cahow, of islets off Bermuda, until recently thought to have become extinct.

  • Bermuda rig

    Marconi rig. noun a fore-and-aft sailing boat rig characterized by a tall mainsail (Bermudian mainsail) that tapers to a point

  • Bermuda shorts

    shorts extending almost to the knee, worn for informal warm-weather dress. Historical Examples A Dictionary of Cebuano Visayan John U. Wolff plural noun close-fitting shorts that come down to the knees Also called Bermudas

  • Bermuda triangle

    the triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean bounded by Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and a point near Melbourne, Florida, in which a number of ships and aircraft are purported to have disappeared mysteriously. Contemporary Examples Before 447: Seven Other Plane-Crash Mysteries The Daily Beast June 4, 2009 noun an area in the Atlantic Ocean bounded by […]

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