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Bernoulli box

bernoulli box


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  • Bernoulli equation

    Hydrodynamics, Bernoulli’s theorem (def 2). Also called Bernoulli’s differential equation. Mathematics. a differential equation of the form dy + f (x) y = g (x) yn, where n is any number other than 0 or 1.

  • Bernoulli distribution

    binomial distribution. Bernoulli distribution See binomial distribution.

  • Bernoulli effect

    the decrease in pressure as the velocity of a fluid increases. Bernoulli effect The phenomenon of falling pressure in a fluid as the velocity of the fluid stream increases. The Bernoulli effect accounts for the lift generated by the airfoil shape of an airplane wing. See also Bernoulli’s law, lift. See Note at aerodynamics.

  • Bernoulli’s lemniscate

    Analytic Geometry, lemniscate.

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