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Bertha M (Charlotte Monica Braeme) 1836–84, English author: originator of a long series of romantic novels.
Cassius Marcellus, 1810–1903, U.S. antislavery leader and diplomat.
Cassius Marcellus, Jr. original name of Muhammad Ali.
Henry, 1777–1852, U.S. statesman and orator.
Lucius (DuBignon)
[doo-bin-yon] /ˌdu bɪnˈyɒn/ (Show IPA), 1897–1978, U.S. general.
a male given name.
a very fine-grained material that consists of hydrated aluminium silicate, quartz, and organic fragments and occurs as sedimentary rocks, soils, and other deposits. It becomes plastic when moist but hardens on heating and is used in the manufacture of bricks, cement, ceramics, etc related adjective figuline
earth or mud in general
(poetic) the material of the human body
(transitive) to cover or mix with clay
Cassius See Muhammad Ali
Henry. 1777–1852, US statesman and orator; secretary of state (1825–29)
A stiff, sticky sedimentary material that is soft and pliable when wet and consists mainly of various silicates of aluminum. Clay particles are smaller than silt, having a diameter less than 0.0039 mm. Clay is widely used to make bricks, pottery, and tiles.

In addition to the idiom beginning with clay


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