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Bertrand russell

Bertrand (Arthur William), 3rd Earl, 1872–1970, English philosopher, mathematician, and author: Nobel Prize in literature 1950.
Charles Edward, 1860–1941, U.S. journalist, sociologist, biographer, and political leader.
Charles Taze
[teyz] /teɪz/ (Show IPA), (“Pastor Russell”) 1852–1916, U.S. religious leader and publisher: founder of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Elizabeth Mary, Countess (Mary Annette Beauchamp”Elizabeth”) 1866–1941, Australian novelist.
George William (“Æ”) 1867–1935, Irish poet and painter.
Henry Norris, 1877–1957, U.S. astronomer.
John Russell, 1st Earl (Lord John Russell) 1792–1878, British statesman: prime minister 1846–52, 1865–66.
Lillian (Helen Louise Leonard) 1861–1922, U.S. singer and actress.
William Felton
[fel-tn] /ˈfɛl tn/ (Show IPA), (“Bill”) born 1934, U.S. basketball player and coach.
Mount, a mountain in E California, in the Sierra Nevada. 14,088 feet (4294 meters).
a mountain in S central Alaska, in the Alaska Range. 11,670 feet (3557 meters).
a male given name.
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Spencer’s Philosophy of Science C. Lloyd Morgan
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Bertrand (Arthur William), 3rd Earl. 1872–1970, British philosopher and mathematician. His books include Principles of Mathematics (1903), Principia Mathematica (1910–13) with A. N. Whitehead, Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy (1919), The Problems of Philosophy (1912), The Analysis of Mind (1921), and An Enquiry into Meaning and Truth (1940): Nobel prize for literature 1950
George William pen name æ. 1867–1935, Irish poet and journalist
Henry Norris. 1877–1957, US astronomer and astrophysicist, who originated one form of the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram
John, 1st Earl. 1792–1878, British statesman; prime minister (1846–52; 1865–66). He led the campaign to carry the 1832 Reform Act
Ken. 1927–2011, British film director. His films include Women in Love (1969), The Music Lovers (1970), The Boy Friend (1971), Valentino (1977), Gothic (1986), and The Rainbow (1989)
American astronomer who studied binary stars and developed methods to calculate their mass and distances. Working independently of Ejnar Hertzsprung, Russell also demonstrated the relationship between types of stars and their absolute magnitude. This correlation is now known as the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.


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