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Beryllium copper

a copper alloy containing a small amount of beryllium and often some nickel or cobalt, having high strength, hardness, and electrical conductivity.


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  • Beryllium

    a steel-gray, bivalent, hard, light, metallic element, the salts of which are sweet: used chiefly in copper alloys for better fatigue endurance, in springs, and in electrical contacts. Symbol: Be; atomic weight: 9.0122; atomic number: 4; specific gravity: 1.8 at 20° C. Historical Examples Occult Chemistry Annie Besant and Charles W. Leadbeater Anything You Can […]

  • Beryllonite

    a mineral, sodium beryllium phosphate, NaBePO 4 , occurring in colorless or light-yellow crystals, sometimes used as a gemstone.

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