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moreover; furthermore; also:
Besides, I promised her we would come.
in addition:
There are three elm trees and two maples besides.
otherwise; else:
They had a roof over their heads but not much besides.
over and above; in addition to:
Besides a mother he has a sister to support.
other than; except:
There’s no one here besides Bill and me.
Contemporary Examples

besides Mississippi, other notable red-state freeloaders included Alabama ($2.03), Alaska ($1.93), and South Carolina ($1.92).
After Cochran’s Win: Red-State Socialism Must Be Stopped! Nick Gillespie June 26, 2014

LinkedIn is, besides Facebook, the only other truly global social network.
The Other Social Network David Kirkpatrick September 28, 2010

besides changes in light bulbs, many consumers are showing increased interest in dimming and lighting controls.
The Light Bulb Is Dead. Long Live the Light Bulb! Ethan Biery December 19, 2013

besides, letting go of the need to be right all the time says you’ve evolved.
Zodiac Beast Starsky + Cox April 8, 2011

besides, winning bred faith, and Grambling went 40-16-2 for the rest of the decade.
Eddie Robinson, College Football’s Winningest Coach Samuel G. Freedman August 22, 2013

Historical Examples

besides, for a present it would be better to have new ribbon.
A Missionary Twig Emma L. Burnett

besides, I never felt contempt for anything to which the gods had given life.
Philothea Lydia Maria Child

besides, it was not necessary for a marksman like Murray to get so very near.
The Talking Leaves William O. Stoddard

besides, this was the first foreign shore his foot had ever trodden.
Brave and Bold Horatio Alger

I am quite in earnest, and am besides most anxious that you should get a scholarship this time.
Julian Home Dean Frederic W. Farrar

apart from; even considering: besides costing too much, the scheme is impractical
sentence connector
anyway; moreover
as well

attested from c.1200 (common after c.1400), from beside + adverbial genitive -s. Once sharing all the senses of beside, now properly limited to “in addition to, otherwise.”


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