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intoxicated; drunk:
We found him besotted with wine.
infatuated or obsessed: a besotted mom and her new baby;
They had one date and he was utterly besotted.
to intoxicate or stupefy with drink.
to make stupid or foolish:
The stories had besotted her mind with fear and superstition.
to infatuate; obsess:
Youth and beauty have a tendency to besot middle-aged men; charm and tenderness does it for women of all ages.
Contemporary Examples

The besotted Broadwell may have viewed the curvaceous Kelley as a threat.
Exclusive: Paula Broadwell’s Emails Revealed Michael Daly November 11, 2012

That a contemporary America besotted by culture war has trouble categorizing such focus-group-unfriendly people is no revelation.
Girl Gone Mild Megan Hustad July 28, 2009

Peterson has even inspired a now satire blog where one besotted woman posts her love-struck messages to the convicted killer.
Women Who Love Murderers Barbie Latza Nadeau June 22, 2010

In these cases, you can’t afford to discourage your most besotted regulars.
Don’t Be My Valentine Tracy Quan February 10, 2010

The new Asian elite could certainly use a Tom Wolfe or two, but Kwan is far too besotted for the task.
Gatsby in Asia Ross Perlin June 28, 2013

Historical Examples

Towards evening they succeeded in bringing the besotted Prince to sign the sentence.
‘Midst the Wild Carpathians Mr Jkai

They were greedy, and, in their besotted avarice, they killed the goose.
Henry Dunbar M. E. Braddon

Are the English mad, demented, or besotted, that they suppose we intend to endure such deliberate aid of our enemies?
Continental Monthly, Vol. III, No IV, April 1863 Various

But on beholding the laundress’ besotted face, she tremblingly drew back.
L’Assommoir Emile Zola

At the bottom of the Abyss they are feeble, besotted, and imbecile.
The People of the Abyss Jack London

stupefied with drink; intoxicated
infatuated; doting
foolish; muddled

past participle adjective from besot.

“affect with a foolish manifestation,” 1570s, from be- + sot. Related: Besotted; besotting.


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