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Best bud

best bud


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  • Best effort

    best effort Contemporary Examples Image is Everything: An Interview with Alejandro Zambra Juan Vidal February 27, 2014 Historical Examples Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 61, No. 380, June, 1847 Various Hidden Treasures Harry A. Lewis The Moving Picture Girls Under the Palms Laura Lee Hope At the Villa Rose A. E. W. Mason Billy and the […]

  • Best-efforts selling

    a method of underwriting a security whereby a syndicate takes a new issue without any guarantees of sale to the issuer.

  • Best end

    noun the end of the neck of lamb, pork, etc, nearest to the ribs Historical Examples Brood of the Witch-Queen Sax Rohmer The Works of William Cowper William Cowper A Terrible Tomboy Angela Brazil The Barrier Allen French It Never Can Happen Again William De Morgan The Adventures of a Country Boy at a Country […]

  • Best first search

    best first search algorithm A graph search algorithm which optimises breadth first search by ordering all current paths according to some heuristic. The heuristic attempts to predict how close the end of a path is to a solution. Paths which are judged to be closer to a solution are extended first. See also beam search, […]

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