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to stir up; rouse to action (often used reflexively):
She bestirred herself at the first light of morning.
Historical Examples

Courage, hope, enterprise to bestir themselves, where will they come from?
The Red Cross in Peace and War Clara Barton

Get up, husband, and bestir yourself, for we must be king of all the land.
Folk-lore and Legends: German Anonymous

bestir yourself, Prince Astrach, it is time for you to set out on your travels.
The Russian Garland Various

When April came, my Sitaris-larv began, as usual, to bestir themselves.
The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles Jean Henri Fabre

Various religious and philanthropic bodies began to bestir themselves.
Dialstone Lane, Complete W.W. Jacobs

Only when the flames of his fire grew less did he bestir himself.
The Heart of Unaga Ridgwell Cullum

But as the French are now moving, it will be well to bestir ourselves, to find out what they are at.
The Actress in High Life Sue Petigru Bowen

In order to bestir himself, Pierre began to examine the two rooms.
The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete Emile Zola

At this news the adventurous youths all over the country began to bestir themselves.
Myths and Legends of All Nations Various

Our friends must bestir themselves once more, perhaps we may yet turn the scale.
The Fall of British Tyranny John Leacock

verb -stirs, -stirring, -stirred
(transitive) to cause (oneself, or, rarely, another person) to become active; rouse

Old English bestyrian “to heap up,” from be- + stir. Related: Bestirred; bestirring.


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